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So far we have been discussing everything about digital marketing. Our discussions included several topics; the many strategies and tools of Digital marketing, its advantages, its different characteristics, when compared to traditional marketing. We also talked about how the different digital strategies are integrated and should all work together in harmony and all. We have never mentioned the real reasons that have lead to the rise of digital marketing and affected the overall marketing strategy outlook and direction towards many sectors, out of which, Local Tourism. Internet has evolved......

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Traditional Marketing vs. Digital Marketing

If you want to promote your business but you’re still having second thoughts whether to go digital or not, Bill Gates sums it up for you with the statement; If your business is not on the internet, then your business will be out of business. Check out this infographic that highlights the differences between Traditional Marketing and Digital Marketing. As a conclusion, hire a digital marketing agency and watch your business grow & move to the next level!

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Social Media & Influencer Marketing Coordinator

Aragil is seeking a talented and energetic individual to join our team as our new Social Media & Influencer Marketing Coordinator. You’ll be working directly with our Digital Marketing team, helping to build relationships with key instagrammers, bloggers, celebrities, YouTubers, and other social influencers. We are looking for an Influencer Marketing Coordinator with a strong background in talent integration to join our team in Yerevan. We’re looking for a Social Media & Influencer Marketing Coordinator to join our dynamic fast-paced Marketing team. The Influencer Marketing Coordinator will help with......

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