6 Lead Generation Strategies That Work

6 Lead Generation Tips for Digital Marketing Success

If you want to expand your business further and develop, without generating leads you will face difficulties attracting new customers and sales opportunities. Lead generation is fundamentally an important aspect of your marketing strategy because without capturing potential leads, your business will presumably stop growing and eventually fail. Think of it this way. Without prospects (or leads) you won’t have buyers, without buyers you won’t make sales, and without having sales you won’t have a business. That’s why it’s important to implement a lead generation strategy to support your sales team’s effort and eventually grow.

Here are some 6 best-proven practices and methods to follow. 

Your Content 

You attract leads only if you share and provide valuable and informative content to your customers. If your content is interesting to your audience, they will start reposting and sharing. That’s why you should always create content that is engaging and knowledgeable. You can do this through blog posts, images, and even videos. However, make sure that your content is of good quality. In content marketing, it’s always quality over quantity. Keep in mind that if you have 10 blog posts with bad content, and one blog post with good content, it’s always better to have that good one instead of the 10 bad ones. If people like your content, they will share it. And if they share it, you will start generating leads. 

Use social media to boost your sales 

Always consider having powerful social media campaigns since the best place to generate highly targeted traffic and leads is social media no doubt. Most of your potential customers (if not all) are already on social media, therefore, don’t hesitate to promote your product/service if you want to make your content as accessible to your potential clients as possible. From Facebook to Instagram to Twitter to youtube and more, use these free social media networks as tools to not only share your product/service but also to share informative content with your audience. Keep in mind that if you’re not posting and sharing your offerings, then you need to share engaging content for your customers or followers to repost and share it among their network. This way, you will build brand awareness and attract your potential customers by turning them into website visitors. Once you turn them into visitors, it’s time for you to offer something of value and make a sale out of it. This is where lead generation comes in. 

Use measuring tools to track your leads 

Always use trackable channels to track your leads activities. For instance, you can use Google Analytics to analyze your website’s traffic and get a report on your audience’s behavior. If you wish to monitor things such as bounce rate, the average time a user spends on your website, entrances, the percentage of users exiting your site, and unique page views, you can track them all by using google analytics. You can also use CRM softwares such as HubSpot as a tool to measure your leads. With CRM tools such as Hubspot, you can manage all your lead records in a database, track and score them, view communication history, create segmented lists, and more. 

Monitor your competition

Every company has a competitor. Even if it’s a new company offering a new service or product, sooner or later they will have competition. That’s why it’s important to keep a close eye on and monitor and track what your competitor is doing. For instance, check if they launched a new service, or product or if they redesigned their website. Moreover, you can monitor their promotional campaigns and social media posts and observe their engagement with their customers. All these tactics should be taken into consideration if you wish to outperform your competitor. And once you gather your competitors’ insights, you can use their information to come up with better marketing strategies and eventually start generating leads.  

Use killer call-to-action 

This is the part where you need to do everything possible to catch your potential customer’s attention. You need to persuade and motivate your website visitors to take a step and turn them into customers. One of the ways you can achieve this is through call-to-actions or CTAs. Come up with a strategic call to action and catch your audience’s attention with an exciting phrase. In this way, you will entice them to take a specific action that will benefit you and them. By the way, CTAs can be buttons, images, videos, texts, you name it. As long as your CTA is creative, compelling, and persuasive, you don’t need to worry about your lead generation. 

Add email marketing to your strategy 

Another way to generate leads in a very cost-effective way is email marketing. If used correctly, email marketing can do wonders for your business. Similar to social media, you can educate and introduce your customers to your new products or services by sending them emails. Of course, you need to have a list and make sure you’re sending it to the right audience so that you can educate and engage them about your product or service. ​Once you sort out your content in your email marketing campaign, make sure to include a clear and focused call to action in order to drive clicks to your website. Your email should include inciting subject lines, links to your social media pages, eye-catching images with personalized content.

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