7 Proven Strategies for Writing Reach Out Emails That Get Results

7 Proven Strategies for Writing Reach Out Emails That Get Results

In 2020, many companies shifted towards email outreach due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Most of them report success and more outreach because everything suddenly and quickly switched to online mode. And that shift definitely included aspects of digital marketing and customer outreach. 

Email marketing provides endless possibilities to create successful outreach campaigns. In order to do so you need to keep in mind important steps. Among the things to consider are your target audience, email text, and good CTA phrases. Combining all these with the product/service you want to advertise you can put together your campaign and ensure good ROI. 

Do your research to figure out your audience

By researching important information about your audience, you’ll be able to know them more, understand the group’s expectations, and send the data to promote what they really want. Because email marketing may be among the foremost effective ways to grasp your audience. But, to be able to make it as powerful as possible, research is required… Also, you’ll want to research your competitor, what works for them, the content they produce, share, and more.

Last but by no means least, research can even come from other sources. For example, LinkedIn lead generation may be a good way to begin getting new connections. Select your audience leads by the tracking posts they share, and the comments they wrote. 

Use your email subject to sum up

You’re probably wondering about a way to summarize an advanced eat one line. Well, how does one summarize a 1500-word blog post in an exceedingly 140-character tweet?

It’s just a rule that can’t be bypassed. So you’re forced to return up with creative ways to create a reader’s interest.

So let’s speak about subject lines. How does one write subject lines people click on? By being honest. Take a glance at these subject examples from my very own ‘Sent’ folder.

Use subject lines that are quite plain and straightforward – simple but honest. The recipient will clearly understand what you are proposing to them. This puts them in a situation where they would be eager to open your email. Instead of tricking them into opening the email with a baity subject line. And in reality, nobody likes to be fooled.

Show your credibility

For your first posts, you can swing for the fences by trying to republish your eye-tracking post on the subsequent Web. The percentages won’t be in your favor since you can still be quite unknown. When reaching resolute influencers, you’ve got to allow them a reason to worry. They don’t take action on mediocre work. Show your credibility by introducing yourself with a short rundown of the biggest wins in your introduction. they will have not heard of you, but maybe they’re accustomed to the work you’ve done, which is worth noting. Be it a guest post pitch or an opportunity to figure together – show your value by showing your work. allow them to know that working with you’ll be beneficial to them because you’re knowledgeable doing awesome things. 

Show You’re on Top of Trends 

A great thanks to add legitimacy to any outbound sales email is to point out that you’re on top of trends that are relevant to your recipient’s vertical. Two great ways to try and do this are often to either highlight recent work you’ve tried on their vertical or to reference breaking news in their industry in an exceedingly way that ties back to the merchandise or service you’re offering. Either of those strategies builds trust with users because it shows you recognize what you’re talking about which means you’ve got at least a basic understanding of what they have.

Keep your emails short

Have you ever wondered why you have to make sure your emails are short for marketing? Well, one of the foremost important things to understand about email marketing is that readers don’t have the time to read long emails. You really need to keep your emails short and sweet, because they usually get a really short lifespan within the mind of the reader.

Emails shorter than 200 words are those with the very best click-through rate. Ideally, you’ll want to write down between 50 and 125 words to induce the most effective results. However, note that emails that are too short aren’t too good either and it’s important to supply enough value and details to your audience to extend your conversion rate.

Another example shows 56% of world emails are read on either iPhones or Gmail. This means, while writing powerful emails is very important, sending short ones that are easily readable on mobile devices is even more.

So, once you write a marketing email, you have to make sure that it is very clear, short, and as concise as possible. Long marketing emails are often boring and difficult to read, so you must avoid writing those styles of emails.

Use other channels beyond email 

Despite the fact that 86 percent of business professionals favor using email once they communicate for business-related purposes, be wary of looking forward to emailing an excessive amount in your outreach. For some people, email won’t be their preferred channel of communication and you’ll have a much better chance of getting their attention if you speak to them over the phone, on social networks, or in person. 

If your prospect doesn’t reply to your email, try one of the following: 

  • Follow them on Twitter and send them a direct message (DM) 
  • Send them a message on LinkedIn. 
  • Private message them on Facebook. 

Start your message by introducing yourself and what you are doing. Ask them to share, or comment about something they recently worked on. This helps create footing and trust and sets you up for further conversations. When it involves bigger opportunities, like complex co-marketing partnerships, there’s typically lots more back and forth that happens. During this scenario, phone calls are also way more effective at building trust and securing the chance. Use email for following conversations and nudging a clear stage closer to locking within the opportunity. 

Add Another Touchpoint

Most businesses depend upon sales emails because they’re a comparatively cost-efficient tool to create a new business without wasting so much time and energy. Sales emails are a good start, but adding another touchpoint within the process is an excellent and better way to ensure your business is closing sales the correct way. If you’ve got a contact’s number, take the time to offer them a follow-up call to determine if they got your email and if there’s anything you’ll do to assist them one on one. Another choice is to send print brochures and merchandise if you’ve got a contact’s address. It’s a good means to add legitimacy to your business to attract potential leads who may get on the fence about working with you.


These were the simplest email marketing tips you had to grasp to elevate your business, target the correct audience, and make the most of it while increasing your ROI. With email marketing, you’ll be ready to reach intent users with a strong email, follow up if needed, improve your sales, and ultimately communicate together with your audience. Additionally, you ought to also consider your customers, analyze their behavior, and put yourself into their shoes to know what they require and which of your services to supply them. So in the end, email marketing is as efficient and as powerful thanks to advertise your products, services, your business, and most significantly, improve your marketing strategy.

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