Digital Marketing

Social Media Management Problems

Digital Marketing is becoming a transformative tool in the world of media, technology-driven business and celebrity endorsements. With numerous advantages such as greater access to a large target audience, ease of maintenance and low cost, there’s no wondering why people are adopting this channel as a necessary medium for marketing activities. One of the most significant platforms for digital marketing as we know is Social Media. Due to its massive global penetration, most brands choose to extend their business through Social Media platforms and among them are the commonly......

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Marketing trends

Every year, new digital trends emerge in the marketing sphere. What worked a couple of years ago in your marketing strategy might not work for you this year. That’s why marketers should always be updated and aware of the changes occurring in order to keep up and adapt to the emerging digital trends. From the rise of messaging apps being the new marketing frontier in digital advertising and the new trend of public channels to the rapid development of AI and machine learning technologies  – all these trends must......

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