Young Iranian viewpoint about business

Well….    When it comes to bussiness, sorry I mean business, I always doubt that which part of the word has double-s . I mean I know there are many people who always doubt it for a second. Even you. Kidding! When I am thinking about business in my country (IRAN), I remember my own fellow friends. Here, young people grow up learning things by force. There aren’t many, who love learning for learning’s sake. I assume that it is because they think of learning as a duty. Furthermore,......

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Wait—what? I’ve heard a lot of crazy things in Silicon Valley, but this one is new. Apparently, big data can make you happier. That’s the new claim according to Stefan Weitz, Senior Director of Search at Microsoft, and author of the new book “Search”. I’ve looked into Weitz’s points… and they make complete sense. How? Weitz explains that the digital world is currently being rebuilt inside our massive computing systems, which help run search engines. Every person, place, and thing—and all the relationships in between—are being cataloged. Think about......

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