What Makes A Great Social Media Post ?

1- Good Content

  1. No one wants to read boring posts !
  2. Find a way to compel your audience
  3. interesting excerpts or funny commentary make article links more engaging.

Tip : Before you post anything, ask yourself if it is something that would interest you. 

2- Quality visuals

  • Visuals are processed 60,000X faster than text
  • Images on social media get more engagement than links and text

Tip : Pair an awesome picture with your text posts and links to encourage engagement

What Makes A Great Social Media Post ?

3- Positivity

  • Positive content gets more likes and shares on Facebook than negative content
  • positive content also gives a better impression of your brand

Tip : keep your posts upbeat and never complain or badmouth another Business

4- Engagement

  • tweets that include the phrase “please retweet” get 4X more retweets
  • Facebook posts that mention “Like” or “Share” are more likely to receive that action

Tip : Use Calls-to-action to increase engagement, but doesn’t overuse them or your posts might seem ‘spammy’

What Makes A Great Social Media Post

5- Timing

  • know when your audience is online on each network
  • schedule your posts for maximum reach

Tip : make sure your posts are timely and current based on the latest industry-relevant news and events

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