Digital Marketing For “37 Beer And Meat” in Armenia

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Digital Marketing For “37 Beer And Meat” in Armenia

Previously named as pub 37, 37 Beer And Meat had been well known for a long time as a local pub in Yerevan/Armenia that focused mainly on selling Premium quality international beer and stout.

The owners of the restaurant aimed to reposition and retarget their business in the market as a renowned Steakhouse instead of just being recognized as a bar. They wanted to promote their new menu with their variety of Grill sets, appetizers, quality steaks and sausages.

With the right marketing strategy, and social media planning, Aragil was able to win the challenge. By being creative and flexible, taking risks and challenging its reputation as a “bar”, 37 Beer and Meat is now one of the best Steakhouses in the city.

About this project

With the right Digital Marketing strategy, Aragil was able to win “37 Beer and Meat” challenge.

The strategies implemented to achieve our goal

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