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Social Media Marketing for Parsonline in Iran

As one of the largest providers of Internet services and local/global network connections in the Middle East private sector, Pars Online Group has been remarkably successful in presenting a wide range of efficient and effective services to users all over the country. Utilizing the world-class expertise of highly skilled experts, it has established the largest network for accessing the latest communication and Internet tools.

Providing diverse solutions for internet access, International telephone calls, and Data Center Services such as Web hosting, Domain Registration, Dedicated Servers, and many more, are among the most important activities and services provided by Pars Online.

Pars Online Group’s clients form a big family of one million users of Dial-up Internet access services, around one thousand organizations and enterprises using Pars Online’s special services for business users, and tens of thousands of subscribers for ADSL service all over the country. The family has been growing increasingly throughout the years, and it is still expanding at a remarkable rate.

In comparison with similar companies, Pars Online Group is by far the biggest player, holding a huge chunk of the country’s market for the Internet and its supplementary services.

Pars Online Group employs the advanced expertise of more than 700 managers and workforce to provide all customers with effective services of the highest quality.

About this project

Aragil Online Marketing worked with Pars Online Group, the largest provider of Internet services and local/global network connections in the Middle East private sector for Social Media Marketing, Plan and Promote Events, Internet Marketing Solutions & Digital Marketing Consultant services.

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  • Social Media Marketing Strategy
  • Plan & promote digital events
  • Internet marketing solutions
  • Facebook, Twitter, Instagram community engagement
  • Social media Advertising management
  • Increase social networks & channels UserBase – FanBase
  • Unique daily postings
  • Monthly professional report
  • Digital marketing Consultation
Social Media Marketing for Parsonline in Iran