Young Iranian viewpoint about business

Young Iranian viewpoint about business

Well….    When it comes to bussiness, sorry I mean business, I always doubt that which part of the word has double-s . I mean I know there are many people who always doubt it for a second. Even you. Kidding!

When I am thinking about business in my country (IRAN), I remember my own fellow friends. Here, young people grow up learning things by force. There aren’t many, who love learning for learning’s sake. I assume that it is because they think of learning as a duty. Furthermore, the Internet can be one of the reasons too.
For example, whenever I am with my friends and we find out that we don’t know about something, we decide to surf it up on net, and it always works.

Also there is another group of young people, who say we don’t know about this thing, so we ignore it. They choose to omit anything they don’t know and that is how the omission comes part of their lives. I think that is one of the reasons why our country is considered as an undeveloped country. There are few who care about new events, try to learn them, business in particular. They all want to get to loads of money without learning and trying. When they meet people like me, or even like us, who are reading this, they say: “come on who cares how it’s done? Let’s just do it.” They escape from learning important points about business, about how they can improve their country’s circumstances through their work. You know, they think that they are not the ones who decide the future of their country, but you know that is not wise.

Just like this saying: “Everyone wants to change the world, but nobody’s thinking about changing their selves”.

  • When was first this seed of omission planted in the garden of their minds?
  • Why they don’t admit that they are the ones, who influence everything in the country?
  • Why one should not care about the thing he is doing?
  • Why does everyone rely on net for knowledge?

Unsophistication brings chaos. By chaos I mean not understanding what we are doing. Here, young people do not care how they became who they are right now. They don’t care what they past was. This is the part where that omission part starts.

They just want to reach the destination and they don’t bother to know how exactly it is done.
In my opinion, I think if someone wants to be a businessman, should try to watch, listen and learn more and more every day. So in order to be good at something, one should embrace learning and forget omitting, because that’s how it works. That’s how you can find the way to do your part in your own country.

Business is not a skill, it is a knowledge that leads to success in our lives. So if you want to be the best in your job you have to give some and by giving some I mean taking your time to learn your past, your society and the people who surround you. Needless to say, the knowledge about other countries, which we can find easily on net, does not apply to our own country. Thus, why I am suggesting that in order to do something in society, which we live in, we should try to learn about it. Learning can start from today. From this particular step that Double s comes in the second part of the word business.

Don’t forget that the goal itself is nothing. The precious part is the path, which takes you to your goals. Learn the ups and downs in that path, try hard to make learning one of your habits and I can promise you, one day you will see that business is part of you, not you part of the business.
There are thousands of flowers out there that we haven’t smelled yet. So Why not start today?


Entrepreneur & marketing strategist with a little background in computer science.


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  8. Mohsen Malayeri : January 27, 2016 at 8:04 pm

    In IRAN access to finance for start-ups is still at a very nascent stage, We have talented engineers in IRAN but understanding market dynamics is different.

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