5 Steps to Succeed in Mobile App Marketing

5 Steps to Succeed in Mobile App Marketing

Suppose that you have an innovative mobile app idea in mind, what methods will you use to market your app internationally? The number of mobile apps in app store and google play are increasing day by day. It is estimated that there are 2.1 million apps in google play and around 2 million apps available in app store. As you can tell, more and more people are downloading mobile apps on their smartphones and tablets. In fact, recent studies show that users prefer mobile apps more than websites. So needless to say, competing with millions of mobile apps requires excellent marketing strategies. If you’re still wondering of ways to succeed in mobile app marketing, here are some essential 5 steps to follow.

1. Conduct Market Analysis and Competitive Analysis  

First things first, begin with conducting a market analysis. Before the development phase, identify the key players in your specific app category. Ask yourself who is your target audience and how will they benefit from your app’s features. Moreover, carry out a thorough research about your service/product. For instance, conduct a competitive analysis. Check if your app has an existing competition. Let us suppose you are launching an editing app. Jot down your top 5 competing apps and make a list of pros and cons. By the way, you can use tools like SimilarWeb and Alexa to reveal your competitor’s analytical and online strategies. lastly, focus on your competitor’s negative reviews and find solutions to optimize them for your own app.

2. Boost Your App Store Ranking

Similar to SEO, app store optimization (ASO) is the process of improving the visibility of a mobile app in app store and google play. To boost your app downloads, you need to use ASO. Excellent ASO strategy can indeed
take your mobile app from zero to ranking on the front page of the app stores. Since users will search for your app in stores, you will need to compose the perfect app description with rich keywords. Keyword research is the one of the most beneficial steps in your ASO strategy. That being said your keyword-rich app titles and descriptions are one of the main reasons your app will have many downloads.

3. Storytelling and Content Marketing

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Storytelling should be a priority for your app marketing strategy too.
Telling a story could be through content, blogs, infographics, videos or even motion graphics. Indeed, it is easy to come up with stories for blogging and creating videos, but most importantly your story should be engaging in order to develop a connection with your target audience. For blogging purposes, your mobile app should have a website because this is where most of your strategic content will go. Moreover, apart from ASO, the art of storytelling also requires good SEO for your mobile app website. If you want your app URL to appear in the first page of google, use the best-targeted keywords for your content strategy.

4. Invest in Paid Advertising

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There is no doubt that most of your potential users are on social media on a daily basis. Having social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or linked-in will certainly expand your app’s online presence. Most of your creative content specifically infographics, promotional videos, or motion graphics should go on social media platforms. Moreover you should also benefit from the paid social media advertising such as running a Facebook ad or even using Google Ad and local ad networks for boosting your organic ranking. Investing in paid advertising will help build wider audiences and thus you will have the opportunity to target certain groups and specific users. In addition, you can sponsor PPC and PPD clicks to your social media pages. PPC and PPD stand for pay-per-click and pay-per-download, a model of digital marketing in which you pay a fee each time one of your ads is clicked or being downloaded by a user. Basically, it’s a way of buying visits to your mobile app’s website.

5. Reach out to Influencers

Did you know you can grow your mobile app through influencer marketing? Influencer marketing is all about influencing users on social media platforms. An influencer is an individual with many followers on social media platforms, that has a deeply engaged audience. Typically, these influencers are celebrities or simply individuals that provide recommendations for a given product or service. Nowadays, many mobile app owners are benefiting from influencer marketing. In fact, 60% of potential costumers download mobile apps when recommended by an influencer. However, one important factor, do not forget to pick the right influencer to recommend your app. Because not choosing the right one will result in negative outcomes, hence the failure of your influencer marketing campaign. For brands that are invested in influencer marketing, it’s essential to know how to avoid audience overlap to achieve the best possible ROI. Our blog post, “How to Avoid Audience Overlap in Influencer Marketing,” offers insights and advice on how to ensure that your target audience is reached effectively and efficiently, without bombarding them with the same message repeatedly

To sum up, marketing is everything. Following the right steps for your mobile app marketing will boost your metrics and increase your app’s conversion rate. Last but not least, always keep in mind that implementing a successful marketing strategy needs a great execution, smart tactics, and achievable marketing goals.

Are you ready to successfully market your mobile app with the right promotional strategies?

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