8 Best Practices of Writing Eye-Catchy Email Subjects

8 Best Practices of Writing Eye-Catchy Email Subjects

You have prepared a letter with strong content. It benefits, a steep share or a profitable offer. But will the subscribers know about this? For example, imagine you open the mail and see an endless list of promotional offers there. Yes, maybe they are interesting, but over time, you start sending them to spam.

Do you want this to happen with your letters? If no, then take the time to choose the right subject! After all, it exactly depends on first words, whether the person will read your message and whether you will be able to convey your idea to him․

Using statistics we will list most catchy and clickable subjects from the practice of  Aragil Digital Marketing agency, and give tips on them․

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These kinds of letters should be used most often. They are quite straightforward and carry a certain benefit, which the reader will receive only in the event of opening this letter. Example: “How to find and promote best employees?”


Do you like to buy things? Cosmetics? Do you like something …?

If you buy or sell something, then this is the most successful way to attract the attention of subscribers! Offering your services or products already on the subject of the letter, your main task is to interest the reader so that he simply could not ignore such a message.

3-Don’t make false promises.

Titles which have poor content but too “promises” subjects fail, they go straight to spam because all people are experienced such absurd titles. Being too impressive always leaves the negative reaction.

4-Time it right.

You may get the aximal reaction if the email is sent to right time with right subject. Just imagine in the evening when you plan to go somewhere after work, suddenly your inbox notifies you “Where to drink best bear tonight” Wow, you are interested. So depending on the subject of your letter you should know what is best convenient time to send it.

5-Use Easy language

Going through thousands of letters our eye is able to catch the one with simple and clear titles. Don’t use complicated words and sentences, make it short, simple and attractive.

6-Create a sense of urgency.

Urgency is what will stop the subscriber on your message, expressions like, “only today” “24 hours offer” “Don’t miss” make them feel, that if they won’t open it now, they can miss a chance to get something, for free, cheaper, better and exclusive. But this is not the only psychological principles that make people react on email.


Just like the title of this blog. People like everything specific. This what they know how much they should read, how much they should pay, how long something lasts. And this way they start reading it.

8-DON’T USE CAPS LOCK or overuse exclamation points!!!

If something is really good it shouldn’t be exclaimed of, this is how they think, and your message with caps lock letters and exclamation sights will be sent straight to spam. Usually, this is how many hackers spread the virus.

8 Best Practices of Writing Eye-Catchy Email Subjects marketing

Besides these tips, Aragil Digital Marketing agency offers to take care of every detail about Email Marketing

You will learn:

  • How to write subject of the letter exactly for your business and how to work with each field
  • Which is the optimal length of the message subject and message itself
  • Which words and symbols will help you increase your exposure
  • What methods do spammers use
  • How to make sure that the subject of the letter is chosen correctly
  • Manage email newsletter
  • And also use A/B testing to better understand subscriber preferences. Everything with analytical data will be served to you. (Aragil is answering your Digital Marketing fears!)

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