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What Is Organizational Transformation

Building a business is one thing, but keeping it relevant as the world moves forward is entirely different. As technologies change and innovations arise, businesses and groups must adapt to the changes if they want to remain afloat and profitable. Organizational transformation is a change management business strategy geared toward taking a company from its current state to a future and much-better state. This type of transformation is usually necessary when there is a challenge in the typical ways of operation and the management seeks methods to address the......

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Social Media Management Problems

Digital Marketing is becoming a transformative tool in the world of media, technology-driven business and celebrity endorsements. With numerous advantages such as greater access to a large target audience, ease of maintenance and low cost, there’s no wondering why people are adopting this channel as a necessary medium for marketing activities. One of the most significant platforms for digital marketing as we know is Social Media. Due to its massive global penetration, most brands choose to extend their business through Social Media platforms and among them are the commonly......

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Career in Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is an excellent career to pursue & grow. If you are not aware of the steps or way to make a good career in digital marketing, then follow the steps listed below to ensure success.