Content Marketing – SEO – SMM: Independent Strategies or team work?

Digital Marketing Infographic

In our previous infographic, we highlighted the differences between Traditional Marketing and Digital Marketing. One of the main points was the fact that traditional marketing is considered to be Outbound Marketing while Digital Marketing is Inbound, which means your prospect customers will find you whenever they need you.

Inbound marketing is the combination of the three main strategies Content Marketing, SEO and Social Media Marketing. These strategies are interrelated and should work together in harmony for optimized results.

SEO works better when you have quality content. You will definitely need words and articles to create a place for your keywords. On the other hand, without SEO, even a great quality content won’t be high ranking on search engines. It is also important to mention that your strong online presence on social networks will also affect your Content visibility. That’s why it’s an absolute mistake to consider Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing & Content Marketing strategies as independent.

After all, a successful Digital Marketing campaign is the Integration and the meeting point of these three great strategies, as shown in the infographic below.

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